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Hockey Program Questions
Online Registration Questions
King Sooper Program Questions

Hockey Program Questions

1. What age classification will my player be for the 2013-2014 season?
Players are categorized by birth year. Similar to school, once the fall season is complete, the older players can "move up" to the next classification. Summer camps and clinics registration can be done for either the player's previous classification or the "new" classification.
The current birth year assignment for purposes of fall registration is as follows:
8 and Under:  2005 and younger
Squirts:  2003 - 2004
Peewees:  2001 - 2002
Bantams: 1999 - 2000
Midgets: 1998 and older 

2. When do registrations begin for the fall season?
Fall season registrations generally begin in early July. Tryouts for the Travel programs will open first, with Travel season registrations open on the last day of tryouts. House program registrations generally open a couple of months prior to the first evaluation dates for the specific program.
3. My child(ren) was picked for a Travel team. When does their registration have to be made?
Registrations for rostered players are due within 7 days of the announcement of the roster.
4. My child(ren) wants to play in a House program. When do I need to register them?
Your player must be registered in order to participate in House program evaluations. You need to register your player prior to the first evaluation date for the program they will be participating in.
5. I completed the Medical questions and agreed to the Code of Conduct in the waivers when I registered my player. Do I still need to complete and turn in paper copies of the Consent to Treat and Code of Conduct forms?
6. Do I need to turn in the Consent to Treat and Code of Conduct forms for the camps and clinics?
No. This paperwork is only for the fall season. 

Online Registration Questions

1. How do I register my child(ren) online for a CSAHA program?
Visit the "20xx-20xx Season Registration" page, which can be accessed from the menu link on the left side of CSAHA's web site. If you have already completed a registration, you will have a user ID and password. Please use the "Returning User" option with your existing user ID and password to avoid creating a duplicate online account.
2. How do I access my Online Member Account?
Just click on the "Member Account Login" link in the menu on the left side of CSAHA's web site. The click the Online Account Login button to access your account.
3. I don't remember my online account user ID or password. How do I recover them?
Visit the Registration page as noted in question #1, click on the "Click Here to Register" button. The first page of the registration process has two links - one for your user ID - Unsure if you have an account? Click Here, and one for resetting your password - Don't know your password? Click Here. Click on the link you need and follow the instructions provided.
4. Can I register for season programs through my online account?
No, not at this time. You must register through the Registration page as noted under question #1.
5. Can I make a payment through my online account?
Yes, however it must be the full amount of your next scheduled payment or the full balance due. For example: if your payment is $300.00, you cannot make a payment of $100.00 - it must be the full $300.00.
6. Can I change my payment type or default credit card?
Yes, we have a couple of ways to change your payment type or your default credit card. You can make a payment as noted under question #4 using your new payment type or credit card, or contact CSAHA's Treasurer for help. You can reach our Treasurer by email at
7. My player is changing programs this season - how do I transfer their registration?
CSAHA's Treasurer will help you with this. Please email with the details of the transfer - player name, from which program, to which program and who approved the transfer. (Generally, the Jr. Tiger HD will email our Treasurer in these cases, but things can slip through during the season when the HD is really busy).

King Sooper Program Questions

1. How do I sign up for the King Sooper Neighborhood Reward program?
Please visit the "Fundraising" page on CSAHA's web site for information about signing up. Our Fundraising Manager, Brian Sater, will be happy to help you.
2. When do I receive my earned credits?
Credits are processed quarterly - Oct, Jan, Apr and July, approximately mid-month or when our Treasurer received the funds from King Soopers. CSAHA's Treasurer will enter your earned credits in your online account for you.
3. How do I see my earned credit balance?
Log in to your online account, click on the "Statement" tab, then click on the "Printable Statement" link (right side of the page). This will launch a statement showing your registration activity. Your credit balance shows below your registration activity.
4. How do I use my King Sooper credits toward a registration payment?
You can access your available credits on the "Checkout" page of the registration process. If you have available credits, there will be a line in the Payment Information area showing your credits with an "Apply" button next to it. Click the "Apply" button to use your credits. Please note that you can only use credits up to the amount of the payment being made, you cannot receive 'cash back'. If you need to, or would like to, change the amount of your credits to use for the transaction, you can do that in the box showing your available credits.
5. What happens if I don't use all my credits toward a registration payment?
Your remaining credits will be retained in your online account for you. If you signed up for a payment plan during registration, the system will automatically apply your available credits to the next automatic payment due - and will only process a charge on your credit card (or other payment type) for the difference between the payment amount and credits applied.
6. Can I save my credits for a future registration, and not have the system automatically apply them to a current registration payment?
Yes you can. Please email CSAHA's Treasurer at with your request.
7. What registrations can I use my credits for?
Your credits can be used toward regular season registrations & fees, along with camp & clinic registrations. The credits can not be applied to tournament-jamboree fee payments through your online account.
8. Will my King Sooper Reward Program Card Expire?
Cards that remain at a zero balance for 90 days will become inactive and need to be replaced.

If you have a question, please send an email to and we will get it routed to the appropriate person for an answer. We will post questions that may be of interest to many of our members here. 

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