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King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Program

King Sooper logoCSAHS participates in the King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program, a fundraising program for non-profit organizations, with a special twist. With a King Soopers gift card you can earn 'reward credits' to share between your CSAHA season fees and CSAHA's Scholarship fund.

Everyone needs to buy groceries and gas - so why not use those purchases to help support CSAHA and earn credits for season fees?
It's simple - purchase a refillable King Soopers gift card for $2.50 - 'fill' the card with your desired amount - then purchase your groceries or gas at any King Soopers using your gift card. King Soopers will donate 5% of your card refills to CSAHA, which is divided between your CSAHA King Sooper fund and CSAHA's Scholarship fund. You get 4% to be applied to season fees and CSAHA gets 1% for the Scholarship fund.  Do the math - a family spending $800 a month on groceries & gas will earn credits worth $384 for season fees and $96 worth of credits for CSAHA's Scholarship fund! Spend more - earn more.
There is no charge to refill your card, and your card can be used to purchase virtually anything at King Soopers except services like Western Union, Money Orders, TicketsWest, Postage stamps, Lottery tickets or other Gift cards.
Purchasing a gift card is easy - just call Brian (CSAHA Fundraising Manager) at 719-229-6286!

You can visit our FAQ page for more details on the King Sooper Neighborhood Reward Program.



Duffy Cinnamon Roll Fundraiser

Who doesn't like tasty cinnamon rolls! CSAHA members and players sell pans of Duffy Cinnamon Rolls to help raise money for CSAHA's Scholarship fund. Typically this fundraiser is held for about 10 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Duffy Rolls Denver store makes five different flavors, each made fresh daily. CSAHA sells the pans for $12 each. Mark your calendar - this is a fundraiser to not miss!
In 2012 CSAHA members & players sold almost 1,000 pans of Duffy Rolls, earning close to $5,000 for the organization. For more information about this fundraiser, please call Brian (CSAHA Fundraising Manager) at 719-229-6286.



T-shirt / Hoodie / Sweatshirt Fundraiser

Several timesColorado Springs Jr Tigers logo during the fall/winter season, CSAHA offers T-shirts/Hoodies/Sweatshirts for purchase. Each style is available in sizes from youth to adult.
You can choose to have either the Jr Tigers or Pikes Peak Miners logo printed on your T-shirt, Hoodie or Sweatshirt. 
Pricing is very reasonable and these make great gifts for your hockey fan while helpi
ng support local, amateur hockey.

Contact Brian (CSAHA Fundraising Manager) for more information about this fundraiser - 719-229-6286.


Colorado College Home Game Fundraisers

Do you want to make money the fun way and cheer on your favorite local hockey players?  
Did you ever wonder how they pick the kids to sell the
programs, raffle tickets and Chuck-A-Pucks?
 It's easy just contact me, Jody
Crawford at and I will get your team set up on a game.



 CSAHA gratefully accepts donations via check or Paypal. Donations are used to fund our annual Scholarships, unless otherwise designated.
Please mail check donations to: CSAHA / P.O. Box 1263 / Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Click this button to donate through Paypal (you can use a credit card or your Paypal account):





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